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The purpose of Old Bede's is to maintain or re-establish contact with those who have left the Bede's schools.

We hope that we will be able to help people to find friends with whom they have lost touch (please see the contact us page of this website) and, through a series of events and reunions, meet up with other former students and staff from the schools.

Information will be the lifeblood of the new organisation. We need contact details (especially e-mail addresses) so that we can update our database, help former students to contact each other and invite people to events.

Above all, we would love to hear how everyone is getting on: qualifications gained; jobs and careers; achievements; significant developments (marriage - name change, babies, etc). Photographs will be particularly welcome. A lively selection of news with photographs will make the newsletter much more interesting.

There is no need to register to become a member - but we do need to know your contact details.

We place all updates on the News page, on the 'Old Bedes' Facebook page and on the 'Old Bedes' LinkedIn Group.  

We look forward to seeing you all soon.