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Mr Scamardella now...



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Dates at Bede's:

Sept '96 - July '01


Job title now?

Deputy Director of Music


Key Teachers at the time?

Mr and Mrs Barclay (Director of Music and 'A'-Level Music teacher respectively). Right from the start of my time at Bede's, they were wholly supportive of me and steered me in the right direction. Miss Cornforth (now Mrs Tuson) was an absolutely inspiring Maths teacher who believed in me - this transformed my appreciation of Maths.


What did you enjoy about being a pupil at Bede's?

I loved being able to come to Bede's and find my strengths. It was and still is a very special place. Both Andrew Barclay and Roger Perrin (the founding Headmaster) had the foresight to recognise and nurture my musical abilities, which resulted in me getting to the final of the 2002 BBC Young Musician of the Year.


What has changed since you have been at Bede's?

The name! With over 30 other St. Bede's in the South East of England, I feel that the change has made us unique.  Undoubtedly, with independent schools now, there is a need for change and the need to progress, to keep looking forward. The look and size of the site has changed a great deal and was much smaller when I was a boy, although I feel that the essential philosophy hasn't changed: 'inclusiveness, ambitiousness, support and the care shown by teachers to enable you to be your best'.


Tell me what you now do at Bede's?

I am the Deputy Director of Music, working with a brilliant team of musicians. I have worked here for five years and have enjoyed it very much: inspiring young people and making music in the ways in which I enjoyed when I was a boy. I am also a Tutor in Dorms House, which I really enjoy doing because I can take from my experience of being a pupil at Bede's, giving me a unique insight.


Young Robert


Mr Scamardella then...


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