Students to Teachers: Dan Gorringe

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Dan Gorringe

House: Knights '04 - '06 / Dicker '06 - ' 09

Dates at Bede's: 2004 - 2009


Tell me what you now do at Bede's?

Following studying Law and gaining a LLB degree at York University, I have come back to Bede's to work full time in the Sport Complex assisting running the day to day demands of our activities on and off the sports field. I help coach the 2nd Team Football and the 1st Team cricket and contribute towards all sporting aspects of the school. I would eventually like to become a Sports Lawyer and feel that this vital experience of working at Bede's within the sports industry will be a solid foundation for my future career.


Key Teachers at the time?

Mr Mills was my Tutor for most of my time at Bede's. He was a great mentor to me and contributed to my success in gaining an 'A' in my Economics A-Level. Mr Leggett was Head of Football and I spent most of my time training with him for 3 years. He was integral in our team getting to and winning the finals of the ESFA (England Schools Football Association) National Cup. Finally, I have to also pay a huge amount of thanks to Mr Cole our previous Headmaster, who continually believed in my abilities in the classroom and on the sports field. His kind invitation of a job for me to work at his then new school in New Zealand when I left Bede's in 2009 provided me with many life-changing experiences and responsibilities that help shape where I am today.


What did you enjoy about being a student at Bede's?

I came to Bede's on a Football and Cricket Scholarship and I thoroughly enjoyed the co-curricular activities. It was great to be able to play on the 1st team for Cricket, Football & Hockey for 3 years. In 2009, whilst I was studying for my A Levels (which I passed with flying colours), we played close to 70 sporting fixtures and also ended up winning the ESFA National Cup. I feel that my dedication to both achieving outstanding results in sports and academically were due to the opportunities I was given by Bede's and the unprecedented support of the staff I had around me. I was lucky enough to be awarded places on three sports tours, to places around the world such as Brazil, South Africa and Malta and these experiences truly were real once in a life time opportunities.


What has changed since you have been at Bede's?

The facilities have improved vastly over the last few years including the boarding houses and the new Sports Complex, which was still largely a building site when I left in 2009. Technology now plays a large part sports coaching and with the new equipment and applications, we can offer much more in-depth and professional training. The food served at meal times and for match day fixtures has also got substantially better! There is a much improved variety of food the quality has most certainly got better. 


Dan Gorringe Now

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