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Dates at Bedes:

1995 - 2000


Tell me what you now do at Bede's?

I teach English and coach football. I am also the International University Co-ordinator which means I help students to find places at Universities abroad. I studied in the USA so am able to give first-hand knowledge and experience to the students. I am a 6th form tutor looking after the lower and upper 6th Deis boys who are lovely. I try to do what my teachers did when I was at school, which is to inspire them, set them on the right path and install the right habits...and sometimes use chocolate to help me achieve the aims.


Key teachers at the time:

Mr Berryman - he was so theatrical and a great storyteller which I thought was outstanding and he also didn't mind my 'historical' doodles on my work. Ms Belrhiti was a major influence behind my decision to become an English Teacher. She was so understanding of the children, very professional, very knowledgeable and generally just a kind person - inspirational.


What did you enjoy about being a student at Bede's?

Football and sport! The fact that I could play football everyday was great. I loved the mix of pupils from different backgrounds and cultures. I was also given the respect to make and learn from my mistakes - Mr Perrin my Headmaster during my time at Bede's was a very clever man and very smart in how he dealt with the students. He came across as quite a stern man but deep down he was very kind and cared a lot.


What has changed since you have been at Bede's?

A great deal has changed - 90% of the buildings have transformed and there are new structures popping up everywhere. The sports facilities are now unbelievable compared to what we had. The school itself has doubled in size, its busier and a bigger community, yet it is still wonderfully unique and continues to focus on the individual.


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