Quicken Trust update: Doreen Namugumya


Doreen Namugumya (Dorter House, 2006-2008) was our first Quicken Trust Scholar. We are thrilled to report that she is enjoying life back in Uganda, with a thriving career and family. You can read her update below.

"Education is more than just academics.

"Today I am living back in a rural environment in Uganda and I’m working currently as a manager of a Tourism Resort here. 

"But 12 years ago I was given the chance of a life time, a scholarship at Bede’s school in the UK. I arrived as a 14 year old orphan in 2006, it was a shiver; I could only think, “Will I be able to survive here?” The expectations, culture and environment were so different from back home.


"I was however surprised that after a few weeks, I was able to walk tall with my held high and confident. I smiled and greeted everyone on the way because the culture I found at Bedes was very different. Everyone was very friendly, smiling, open and free-minded. I was able to express myself everywhere I went. I was no longer the girl from Kabubbu who would walk in fear, wondering if I should or should talk to this or that person. The fear was gone. I knew I had a right to speak to anyone without fear.


"My whole life was changed. I live free and with an open mind not only at work, but also since I married. Because I am open and straightforward I can discuss things and this has enabled me to also change my husband’s life. Together we talk freely to each other and share ideas about our future developments. Thanks to Bede’s and the Quicken Trust, I have been able to discover myself and I am forever grateful. This is just one of many life-changing experiences I had in the UK."

Pictured from the top:

1) Doreen and her husband Nicholas, with baby Jediah and Nicholas' son, Joel
2) Doreen when she first came to the UK as part of a choir in 2006
3) Doreen at a photoshoot taken on location while she was at Bede’s


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