Memories of Bede's: Tom Kerrich


In the second article of our Memories of Bede's series, Tom Kerrich writes about a very special Sports Day in 1953.

I was 10 at the time and was in the E11R part of the tableaux in 1953.

The PT master was Mr Ken deTor (not sure of my spelling here) and he organised all of Sports Day. The 4 sections were called Eagle, Falcon, Hawk and Raven, I was in Hawk. The races I remember were the 100 yards (the length of the field), the 220 and 440 yards. There were also the sack race, 3-legged race, hurdles, high jump and long jump, and the parents 100 yards race.


Before the day Mr deTor would hold heats for some of the events so that not all boys took part in every event on the big day. Tea was served to parents in the school dining hall downstairs or the big school room upstairs.

The gym and the chapel above are on the left of the building in the photo. PT was held daily except Sundays on the tarmac area to the left of the gym.


The plateau was usually reserved for school prefects, but we could see the sea from the gap. I recollect standing there watching the Royal Yacht Brittania sailing past Beachy Head bringing our Queen back from her Coronation year tour of the commonwealth.

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