Alumni: Narae Shin Visits Dorter House


We were thrilled to welcome Narae (2003-2006) back to Dorter House for the first time since she left the School 12 years ago.

This was Narae's first visit back to the UK, and she delayed her plans to visit Paris to come back and see the School.

Narae said, "I can't believe I'm here; I feel like I'm dreaming! It's really good to be back."

As well as seeing Dorter Matrons, Jackie (who Narae used to stay with in the School Holidays) and Zekija, Narae spent time with Mrs Belrhiti and Mrs McKenna. 

After leaving Bede's, Narae studied Hotel Management in New Zealand, before moving to Korea to finish her studies. She has since lived in Hong Kong and Vietnam, and has now moved back to Korea to work for a toy manufacturing company in sales. 

"I moved back three months ago; it's great to be back with my family, as I have been away for some time. 

"I still regularly meet up with quite a few people from school, including Easther (who will be visiting Bede's next month), Lesley, Isaac and Jennifer."

Narae will spend the rest of this week in Paris, then will head back to Korea. 

Pictured is Jackie, Narae and Zekija

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