Alumni: Annabelle Lilly Writes Children’s Book


Annabelle's book, 'Berky Boing Boing and The Frenchman' has been specially written for children with dyslexia.

Berky Boing Boing, the rooster, has an unusual crow! His sole job is to wake up the farm but alas he can’t. Rex, his rival next-door neighbour wants to be in charge of Berky’s farm. Rex has a fine crow and can easily wake up the farm. Rex cooks up an evil plan to try to eliminate Berky. Will Rex’s wicked plans succeed? Can a visiting French rooster help Berky?


Annabelle says: "I had the idea for the book since I was a child, and used to go on holiday to Devon to a farm where I met a chicken with a funny crow, I named it Berky Boing Boing. Then I became a specialist teacher for children with dyslexia and the idea for the book returned. I also suffered with dyslexia as a child and found school difficult, so I decided to write the book with reluctant readers in mind.


"My book has dyslexia-friendly features to aid reading for those who struggle. The sentences and chapters have been kept deliberately short, phonetic language has been used as much as possible, the wording has been carefully considered and the pages are off-white to reduce glare. All readers can enjoy this funny book but it is most likely to appeal to readers aged 6-9 years old.

"This is the first book in a series about Berky Boing Boing... so watch this space for the next instalment!"

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