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Bede's is a school that helps young people achieve more, whatever their talents.

One of the many factors which sets us apart is our dedication to putting the needs of pupils above everything else. We offer over 40 courses at GCSE and almost double that number in the Sixth Form, and do this because we believe that every student should have the opportunity to pursue passions personal to them.

In the First Year, pupils have the chance to experiment with a range of courses of their choosing. If they know which subjects they are looking to study in the Fifth Form then there are more rigorous options available to them which will stretch and prepare them for the next stage of their educational journey.

If they are unsure however, our team of Personal Tutors works closely with students, both in group and one-to-one sessions, encouraging each individual to pursue those opportunities to which they are best-suited and most inclined.

We build our timetables around our students rather than forcing pupils to choose from subjects in predetermined blocks. As a result, 99% of students at Bede's study their first choice subjects, both at GCSE and A Level.

The syllabus options on offer at Bede's range from a diverse number of traditional GCSE's and A Levels, more academically taxing programmes, including the Cambridge Pre-U, and practical, innovative courses such as BTECs, diplomas and more.

We carefully curate our courses, refining our offer year on year to ensure that Bede's pupils are always presented with the very best programmes of their type, whether that be distinguishing between GCSE and IGCSE, particular exam boards or two similar but distinct A Level courses, such as Modern History or Early Modern History.

Each academic department is exceptionally well resourced, whether that be in our Art School, which has been repeatedly recognised as one of the best in the country, our Science classes, in which practical experiments are the order of the day, or in characteristically academic subjects where outstanding learning materials, trips and partnerships with local institutions, such as the Lewes Historical Society or Sussex University, bring learning to life.

Delivery of lessons is enhanced by our ground-breaking collaboration with King's College London, and the partnership between our two institutions guarantees that Bede's teachers are constantly innovating, refining their processes to ensure every one of our classrooms is a truly inspirational place to learn.

When it comes to exams and assessments, we enable pupils to excel according to their own level of ability. That might mean breaking records at a national level or achieving personal target grades they never believed possible.

Lastly, as teachers we work tirelessly to track and monitor our students in a continual and sophisticated manner, setting accurate, demanding targets and strive to always raise the horizons of the young people with whom we work.

For these reason, we believe that Bede's is an exemplary school. It is a place where every young person can thrive, whatever their talents.

John Tuson
Children are not made in a factory, and thus they are not all the same. Where one will revel in the study of mathematics another will be happiest with a paintbrush in hand. It is a recognition of this endless variety that underpins all we do.

John Tuson, Academic Deputy Head and Deis House Tutor

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