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Bede's is underpinned by a holistic educational philosophy.

This means that we believe in educating the whole person, inspiring young people to achieve in every facet of their educational experience and preparing each individual for life as well as exams.

We place the individual and their passions at the heart of what we do. Personal Tutors at Bede's work closely with students, helping them to embrace responsibility, independence and to foster their talents in specific, sometimes unusual areas.

We of course prepare young people for academic success, enabling them to become experts in their fields, but the opportunities we offer cannot be found anywhere else and that makes us unique.

Every day, pupils at Bede's are engaged in pursuits which liberate their creativity and talents, revealing their pathways to future success. Our philosophy of breadth and excellence in the academic curriculum as well as our range of cultural, aesthetic, intellectual and sporting activities outside the classroom serves our pupils' uniqueness very well, and our Co-Curricular programme encourages the esoteric.

Aside from simply supplying the expected, we ensure the dedication our Zoological Society shows to breeding endangered species or the time our Sports teams spend qualifying for National Championships is celebrated in just the same way as an individual's performance in the classroom.

Most importantly, these enriching experiences are open to everyone and not just an elite few.

Our view is that education, if it is to be truly effective, should encourage every young person to participate and ensure that, as the whole person develops, their efforts are recognised and celebrated.

To do this, we place the development of values at the heart of school life. Young people need the opportunity to experiment, embrace responsibility, lead, succeed and, because we learn more from adversity, venture beyond where they are comfortable.

Additionally, the mix of people at Bede's is truly diverse. Aside from a large number of Day Pupils from across Sussex, Surrey and Kent, be they furniture designers, award-winning photographers or recreational skydivers, we have over 30 nationalities living on site in our stunning Boarding Houses.

These boarders include many local students who choose to board and live with their friends rather than heading home at the end of the day - something which allows them to take advantage of the gym, Art School or other Bede's facilities in the evenings or, if they elect to, at weekends.

Pupils, teachers and parents all have roles to play in the Bede's community, and we encourage everyone to set their sights high. Our aim is for each child to make an outstanding contribution in all aspects of their lives: in school, in the local community and the wider world.

We will do everything we can to make that happen.

Dr Richard Maloney
Pupils at Bede's are encouraged to go beyond their academic successes to develop as whole people. We engage them in pursuits that liberate their creativity and talents, revealing their pathways to future success.

Dr Richard Maloney, Headmaster

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