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Pastoral care underpins every process at Bede's, and for this reason we can say with confidence that the provision we offer is absolutely peerless.

Ours is a school founded on the principle of developing each individual in every conceivable aspect; central to ensuring this happens this is our team of dedicated Personal Tutors.

Operating through the House System, individual Personal Tutors care for a very small number of children, communicating constantly with parents and the Bede's faculty as a whole to draw out and develop each pupil in the round.

This may mean offering care, support and assistance, and we have permanent, on site counsellors and considered structures for helping all children whatever their level of need, however we also believe in developing the philosophical and emotional capacities in our pupils, supporting them to truly thrive.

Transparency is also important so, through our Parent Portal and My Bede's intranet service, we encourage parents and the students themselves to track development and progress as it relates to them.

Across both the Academic and Co-Curricular programmes we seek out opportunities for each individual student to develop esteem, personal strength, competence and, ultimately, mastery - whether that be a skill, the capacity to make the most of their own independence or a true understanding of freedom of choice.

Beyond ensuring every pupil is safe, happy and successful, we believe in developing morality, creativity and spontaneity in young people, helping them to shrug off prejudice, solve problems and make truly informed choices for themselves.

A large part of this process involves making sure that students feel like their voices carry, and while pupils have always been at the heart of what Bede's is we're undergoing a massive transition, finding even better ways to empower students. This is personified in our Student Council, which is anything but tokenistic.

The Student Council at Bede's is a fundamental part of every aspect of the school, from teacher assessment to infrastructure projects. Pupils are involved in the setting of rules, the managing of rewards and sanctions and even strategic decisions for the school as a whole.

Heading up the Student Council, without interference from staff, are our Prefects. They are the embodiment of our educational philosophy, whether they be the England U19 Cricket Captain, a debating champion or a quiet, considered team-player who thrives on seeing others succeed.

Each and every one of them symbolises what we aim to achieve, i.e. an incredibly competent, resilient, kind-hearted person with innumerable specialisms and reasons to feel proud.

My background is as an economist and my ultimate objective as Bede's is to ensure that what we're doing matches the rhetoric. There's no point in saying inspirational, visionary things and not actually doing them.

I can tell you though, at Bede's we don't just say it. We can quantify it.

Jerry Lewis

Principal Deputy Head

Mr Lewis is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Bede's and represents all of the independent schools in Sussex on the board of the East Sussex Local Safeguarding Children Board.

To read about the work of East Sussex LSCB, please click here.

Jerry Lewis
Making students count is what this place is about. Pastoral care is the most important thing we do.

Jerry Lewis, Principal Deputy Head

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