Amira, Aged 13

I've been a boarder at Bede's for two years, and I mostly came because of the Legat School of Dance.

Dancing has always been part of my life, and I love that ballet features in my school day.

An important part of this school is that the teachers always want to find your hidden talents. They're always looking for ways to help you excel.

I was never really interested in reading or English for example, but this year we studied Of Mice and Men and I realised how that book contrasted with my life. Here the pupils can do so much and the teachers tailor thier expectations to every different person.

It makes me sad that more of the world doesn't work how it does here.

Like in Maths, where if I work hard I feel myself succeeding, or in Science lessons, where we always seem to be making something explode.

All the opportunities I have make me feel very lucky.

Something else I love about Bede's is the Co-Curricular Programme. There's always so much going on.

That's especially true for boarders. At weekends, one minute you're sat around watching movies, eating popcorn, then suddenly you're mountain biking!

Plus, getting to know people from Nigeria, Russia, Japan and all over Europe has really made me want to travel, hopefully with a dance company one day.

For now though I'm just happy being at school, because my teachers stretch me.

And in a way, life is so good here that I don't really want to get older.


This interview was conducted in the Summer of 2012. Amira is now in the Lower Sixth at Bede's Senior School and is a boarder in Dorter House.

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