Event Review: Legat Choreographic Competition


On Saturday 27th of February, The Legat School of Dance hosted its annual Choreographic Competition in the Miles Studio Theatre.

Dancers from each year group at Bede’s performed in the show, with many presenting the pieces of choreography that they had been working on as part of their BTEC Performing Arts qualifications.

Depending on the year group they were from, each dancer had to choreograph and perform either a group or solo dance, with students choosing their own stimulus and genre of dance to best communicate their selected theme.  


Lower Sixth Dorter House girl Millie Mitchell said of the experience, “This really was our own event as we were in charge of all aspects of the performance, including the lighting, background projections and costumes, all of which had to reflect the dance idea.”

With the quality of the performances and audience expectations being exceptionally high every year, this year’s Choreographic Competition did not disappoint; with friends, family and teachers attending in support, the packed-out performances were split into three sections: Junior Group Dances, Senior Solos and Senior Group Dances, across which a dizzying variety of styles were demonstrated.


The runners-up in the Junior Group category were the First Year dancers with their performance, ‘Seasons’, while the winners were the Lower Fifth group with their piece entitled 'Pop Goes the Music.'

That winning performance explored many iconic songs through the ages and the dancers chose to use projections from the classic BBC TV staple Top of the Pops, channeling Pam’s People and performing many different genres of dance in comical ways.

Next came the Senior Solo category where Millie Mitchell was awarded a Special Commendation in Musicality for her dance ‘Abused Love’ which was based around the idea of an unhappy and forceful relationship.


Upper Fifth Crossways House girl Adelaide Coffey was awarded the runner-up prize for 'The Immanent Will,' a piece based on the idea that destiny controls your future, while first place – with a unanimous vote – went to Lower Sixth, Dorter House student Hannah Chen.

“Hannah created the most amazing solo performance entitled ‘The Thin Veil of Life After Loss,’” explained Lower Sixth, Crossways House girl Phoebe Marsh.

“Her solo explored bereavement and she looked closely at the state of intense grief and desolation felt after the loss of a loved one. Aside from her amazing performance and choreography, Hannah also created the video projection which accompanied her piece. Everyone in the audience was just blown away.”


The runner-up in the Senior Group category was a risky, structured improvisation piece entitled ‘Tarot’, which was performed by the Upper Sixth Legat Dancers. A highly admirable endeavour, the group created movements based around mythical characters and iconic Tarot characters, interacting with each other live on stage without any set movements in place.

The winner of the Senior Group section however was Phoenix Tanner for a dance on screen which he single-handedly choreographed, filmed and edited. 

The film, entitled “Built to Consume,” is a piece that observes and portrays how isolated humans can feel in their own minds and features Cydney Watson, Amira Davidson, Hannah Chen and Phoebe Marsh.


The final prize of the night was then awarded: the much-coveted Audience Choice Award, which was determined - as always - through a vote taken between everyone in attendance.

The winner was Hannah Chen’s piece ‘The Thin Veil of Life After Loss’ which had, as previously mentioned, captivated the entire audience.

Alex Murphy, Head of Academic Dance for the Legat School, said of this final result, “Hannah has achieved so much in the past few months as her dance training only began in September. It is obvious that her potential and creativity will enable her to excel further and my hopes are high for her.

“Elsewhere however, this year’s Choreographic Competition did a brilliant job of demonstrating quite how independently minded, thoroughly capable and highly talented the students are in the Legat School of Dance. Well done to them all, and I cannot wait to see what they go onto accomplish in the coming years.”


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