Event Review: Performing Arts Celebration 2016


In May,  Bede's Drama, Music and Dance departments came together to celebrate and congratulate their students on their fantastic commitment to a great year in the Performing Arts.

The formal event ‘with a twist’ was organised by the drama department with Szofia Lyndsay‐McDougall and Grace Longden playing pivotal roles in arranging seating plans and awarding trophies.

The event felt like a mini Oliviers, and the beautiful gowns and suits, combined with the attractive table arrangements, made for a spectacular transformation of the Miles Studio.


I emphasised in my opening speech my respect for those students who took risks by auditionning for productions and setting themselves up for success OR failure, and some continually doing so. Clearly, performing itself is taking a risk and a brave one at that.

We also praised those students who manage to perform well in academic areas whilst still attending rehearsals – we recognise the huge commitment that performing, to a great standard, requires.

We reminisced over the success of our main school productions of Into the Woods and the most ambitious Cabaret ever. We applauded inspirational dance choreography and skill and enjoyed watching recorded versions of past exam performances. It has been a busy year!


Each subject area gave out one certificate per class for ‘Best Effort’ and one for ‘Most Outstanding Performance’. I know that, in Drama, there was a lot of discussion and head-scratching as we have some exceptional students this year!

Later in the evening, cups and trophies were awarded and amongst them were ‘Best Performance in a GCSE Piece’ and ‘Outstanding Contribution to Technical Theatre’ to shields for Legat students for 'Outstanding Leadership and Inspiration.'

Performing Arts ties and pins were once again awarded to mark the outstanding talent and contribution made by our exceptional students, and we enjoyed entertainment throughout the evening from students including Hannah Roberts, who gave us a beautiful rendition of 'Stay with Me' from Into the Woods.


Elsewhere, Charlie Belton and Fleur Reynolds performed an absurdly funny duologue from Ionesco's The Bald Prima Donna and Grace Longden performed a beautiful rendition of James Brown’s This is a Man’s World.

We now look forward to our final two productions of the year, our Junior Production of Lord of the Flies from 20­‐22 June and our in house Youth Theatre’s devised piece which will be performed from 27-29 June.


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