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In order for us to champion the next generation of dancers, choreographers, producers, teachers and creative leaders, we have created a curriculum that develops the technical, performance and choreographic skills of each young dancer as well as their critical thinking and understanding of dance.

Ballet and Contemporary dance are the core dance styles at Legat and both are taught equally, with Legat dancers taking A Level Dance in the Sixth Form and GCSE Dance in the Fifth Form to further develop and formalise their creative and intellectual capacity.

With a philosophy of learning academic concepts through practical classwork, dance appreciation sessions enable our dancers to relate theoretical concepts to the practical dance training that they receive throughout the rest of our curriculum, where they study the contexts in which the dances they have learnt in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Repertoire were created and are enabled to appreciate both historical and current dance practices.

The knowledge and understanding gained through these sessions is the most relevant for the dance industry today, inspiring a lifelong passion and appreciation of dance in every pupil.

Alex Murphy
I am really passionate about my job because I get to guide and support young people to realise and exceed their aspirations. My aim is to have a positive impact on all the students I teach and tutor.

Alex Murphy, Head of Academic Dance and Dorter Housemistress

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