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Our four primary Ballet teachers are Fiona Chadwick, Emma Manes and Simon Williams.

Fiona began her training at the Sandham Fitchett School in Preston, continuing it at the Royal Ballet School before joining The Royal Ballet in 1978.

She was promoted to Soloist in 1981 and Principal in 1984, creating the role of The Queen in Matthew Bourne’s production of Swan Lake in both the West End and in the film before becoming Head of Dance at White Lodge, the junior Royal Ballet School, where she worked for many years before joining Legat.

Emma, on the other hand, trained at Tring and then studied teaching at the Royal Ballet School. After gaining her diploma, Emma danced professionally on the Mathew Bourne’s Swan Lake Tour (principal role of the Queen) on the Vienna Festival ballet tour and with the Royal Opera Company.

Emma subsequently taught at a number of schools and is an experienced choreographer as well as classical ballet teacher; she joined Legat in 2015.

Last but not least, Simon trained at the Royal Ballet Lower and Upper School and joined English National Ballet Company in 1997, where he performed all the major Classical Ballets before leaving E.N.B to join Adventures in Motion Pictures and perform in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

After the Swan Lake tour, Simon took a break from dance before rejoining New Adventures where he danced in Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man and Nutcracker and toured with Sylvie Guillem, the Michael Clark Company, Mikhail Baryshnikov.

In 2005, he returned to Swan Lake, where he performed the leading roles of both ‘the Swan’ and ‘Prince’ world tours on and off until 2011, during which time he also collaborated with bands Scritti Pollitti, Relaxed Muscle and Kylie Minogue. 

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