Meals and Snacks

Nursery Lunch 4 15

We provide all meals and snacks for your child during the day, and all school dinners are prepared and cooked on site by the Bede's Prep Catering Team.

If children are booked in for Breakfast Club we have a variety of cereals and hot food available, are happy to purée food for children being weaned and also have facilities to heat up meals from home. We find that this is beneficial during their first few weeks of being with us, whilst they are adapting to the transition and becoming familiar with our food.

Children are offered a variety of fruit, dry cereal, breadsticks and toast during our morning and afternoon snacks, along with a beaker of cow's milk or water.

If your child requires formula milk during the day we do ask that you provide this for them.

Lastly, have a weekly Tea Time Menu, which includes a variety of options from sandwiches with fruit to vegetable platters, pitta bread to baked beans on toast, tomato pasta to croissants with cheese and ham.