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There are many misconceptions about what school is 'meant to be' and across the Bede's family of schools we work extremely hard to surpass all expectations.

Our Prep School is a place where teachers are empowered to bring learning to life, and as a result classrooms here brim over with practical, skills-based approaches to learning.

In History, for example, our pupils attend a Medieval Day at school, together with spit roast lunch and a chance to try on real armour. In Science, they make rockets and fire them into the atmosphere from the top of the cliffs overlooking Eastbourne. Elsewhere, our theatre provides the perfect environment for children to thrive as potential actors or theatre technicians.

To ensure our teachers are at the cutting edge of education, we have an extensive programme of professional development and a rigorous appraisal system. This includes up-to-date training, but we go a step further.

Our teachers share good practice across the school in small groups, focused on the very best educational thinking, and regular internal publications share effective teaching approaches across our staff.

Practices like these ensure that our teaching is optimised and personalised for the pupils at Bede's.

Children come to Bede's for an outstanding education as well as a breadth of other opportunities, and for this reason we track their progress from the Nursery until they leave the school in Year 8.

We know how the children are developing in each subject, their areas of need and greatest success and we intervene swiftly whenever and however necessary. All of our teachers provide regular feedback to parents in the form of reports, meetings and written correspondence.

Everyone at Bede's Prep goes beyond the expected to make sure that Bede's families are fully aware of the progress, attainment and wellbeing of their children at all times.

For these reasons and more, Bede's truly is a unique place to learn.

Leigh-Anne Morris
I love that Bede’s is so academically ambitious for its pupils, and that our outstanding teachers work extremely hard to inspire them, drawing out passions for specific subjects and learning in general.

Leigh-Anne Morris, Deputy Head (Academic)

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Pupil Stories

  • Tom, Aged 11

    You might say I have Science in my blood. Every day I find out about new things and am challenged in different ways.

    Tom, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2013
  • Rosa, Aged 12

    Playing all the instruments I do means that I'm really busy, but I love it and the school has really supported me.

    Rosa, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2012
  • Flynn, Aged 12

    Bede's has been an amazing place to go to school. The teachers are always there to help and push you to be better.

    Flynn, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2012
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