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At Bede's Prep School, we inspire children to be model, outward-looking, cosmopolitan citizens, and enable them to learn that giving is more rewarding than receiving.

Everything we do is underpinned by supportive, friendly, superlative pastoral care, and throughout the school we encourage pupils to recognise and use their talents while also developing spiritual, moral and ethical values.

Personal development is strongly fostered by our open, friendly atmosphere and staff maintain a close knowledge of every child. Robust systems are in place to ensure pupil welfare, and we have permanent, on-site counsellors should the need for them arise.

More than anything however, pupils feel empowered at Bede's. Many take up positions of responsibility in the school, such as in the School Council, where children have their thoughts and ideas not only heard but listened to.

The children are involved in the setting of rules and procedures, older pupils have the opportunity to become Prefects, and through our House or 'Section' system we develop a sense of community and competition in every pupil.

At Bede's, we enrich young people in the round, so that they may lead full, worthwhile lives as confident, balanced members of their communities and ensure that by the time they leave us they are responsible, self-confident and can interact maturel both with their peers and adults.

A major benefit of this approach is that our pupils are a joy to be around, whether that be during their time here or in the future, when the return and tell us about how something we did made the difference for them.

David Newberry
Our aim is to get the children to feel part of a family; one that works hard, plays hard but above all looks after each other.

David Newberry, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead

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Pupil Stories

  • Olivia, Aged 12

    The best thing about this School is that it creates moments when I sit back and think, I really could do anything.

    Olivia, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2014
  • Tom, Aged 11

    I joined Bede’s in the Nursery and since day one I have loved the atmosphere. It’s such a friendly place.

    Tom, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2014
  • Saffy, Aged 11

    There are two main things that have run through my whole life. One is Bede's, the other is Tennis.

    Saffy, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2013
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