The Headmaster

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Bede's Prep School has a reputation for offering innovation in the classroom, expansive opportunities outside of it and outstanding care in every aspect of school life. For these reasons and many more, the role of Headmaster here is a dream job.

A great deal of who I am comes from things I have learned outside of traditional classroom environments, whether that be learning languages overseas, white-water rafting or exploring nature. Because of this, and informed by my years of working in a very wide variety of schools, I am a firm believer in practical, skills-based education.

At the core, this means enabling pupils to apply their knowledge to real life situations. It might involve outdoor learning, something which takes place across the curriculum at Bede's Prep School, but in a wider sense it requires teachers to find ways for pupils to embrace their myriad challenges through taking action.

The children at Bede's are extremely quick to learn, kind and friendly, and getting to know them all and their families means an enormous amount to me, and I look forward to meeting you too, in due course.

In the meantime, the only thing you really need to know about me is that I am passionate about changing lives for the better, expanding opportunities and celebrating the very best ideas.

Because of this, I encourage everyone at Bede's Prep School to find new ways to transfer concepts, talents and passions across generations while maintaining the welcoming, warm and accepting atmosphere so evident in every fibre of the school.

Giles Entwisle
I am passionate about changing lives for the better, expanding opportunities and celebrating the very best ideas.

Giles Entwisle, Headmaster

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