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An education at Bede's Prep School goes beyond the expected.

Every one of our pupils is given excellent opportunities to meet their potential across the curriculum, but we are not a school where children are compartmentalised and channelled towards a given end point.

We believe in providing children with rich learning opportunities that stimulate and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Making learning memorable for the children is very important to us and when, as an adult, one thinks back to the best lessons at school they were often those in which something unusual happened.

Perhaps there was a day when a class was taken on a trip to the seaside to extend their learning about erosion or a visitor came to speak about their life as an artist.

These instances are common practice at Bede's Prep School, and for this reason and many more our school is a truly unique place to learn.

Leigh-Anne Morris
I love that Bede’s is so academically ambitious for its pupils, and that our outstanding teachers work extremely hard to inspire them, drawing out passions for specific subjects and learning in general.

Leigh-Anne Morris, Deputy Head (Academic)

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Pupil Stories

  • Olivia, Aged 12

    The best thing about this School is that it creates moments when I sit back and think, I really could do anything.

    Olivia, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2014
  • Tom, Aged 11

    You might say I have Science in my blood. Every day I find out about new things and am challenged in different ways.

    Tom, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2013
  • Rosa, Aged 12

    Playing all the instruments I do means that I'm really busy, but I love it and the school has really supported me.

    Rosa, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2012
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