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'Every child is an artist' according to Picasso.

At Bede's  we believe that with the right 'ask' and opportunity, every child will work creatively to find their own confidence and enthusiasm about the magical visual world we live in.

How many times do we hear children say ' I'm not very good at art' which is a great shame at such a young age.

Our aim is to dispel this idea and inspire a positive,'can do' approach for each child to play, experiment, learn and develop the processes and techniques which will enable them to trust their own skills.

With a commitment to teaching children to think creatively, we aim to build a clear understanding of drawing, making and seeing. This will create the foundation for children to work with. They will learn the tricks and tools of the trade, learning about 2D and 3D media and materials. Children will create ambitious and dynamic work which will be exhibited around the school site.

We nurture children to experience the wonder of the visual world and encourage them to value a sense of beauty, aesthetics and the magic of our natural and human world.

Rachael Armitage
I get huge satisfaction from inspiring students to think outside the box, break boundaries and work spontaneously, to their strengths, before refining their ideas.

Rachael Armitage, Head of Art

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