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Drama promotes the development of confidence and self-expression and develops an ability in children to work as part of a team.

Children have to work collaboratively and think creatively in their Drama lessons at Bede's Prep, but they also have a great deal of fun!

All children participate in an hour-long lesson every fortnight where they are taught a wide range of performance skills, such as 'freeze-framing', 'emotion laddering', and 'conscience tunnelling'. Yet we also know that not all children are budding Gielguds or Garbos, and we give those that want to the opportunity to develop their production skills.

Many help with props, lighting and computer-generated scenery for our school plays. And what school plays they are! There are many opportunities for all of the children - from the tiniest child in Pre-Prep to our tallest Year 8s - to walk the boards.

Recent productions have included 'Hoodwinked', 'Cinderella Rockerfella', 'The Mystery at Magpie Manor' and 'Our Day Out'.

The most talented amongst our children also have the option to join the Drama Masterclass, where their performance skills are honed and polished.

The Drama Department also prides itself on giving the children as many opportunities as possible to witness the magic of live theatre and all year groups are taken to at least one public performance every year.

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I am fascinated by the English language and its effect on us all. I aim to inspire my pupils to explore a broad vocabulary and, in so doing, for them to be empowered.

Laura Burdekin, Teacher of English and Drama and Year 7 Personal Tutor