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To study Geography is to have one's eyes and mind opened to the world around us.

At Bede's we help students to build on some already impressively broad horizons to make sense of the natural and built environments, and how we interact with those environments and with each other.  

In our Geography lessons, we make the teaching and learning activities as visual and active as possible to appeal to a broad range of learning preferences.

What could be more visually stimulating than a volcanic eruption at night?

How better to demonstrate the formation of an oxbow lake than through a clay model, or how plate boundaries operate through Kung Fu moves?

We are passionate about teaching and learning in the outdoor classroom, and are blessed with our location in that we don't have to travel far at all to witness some top-notch scenery, with the coast and the South Downs on our doorstep.

At Bede's Prep School the Geography syllabus currently covers traditional skills and topics such as map reading, rivers and coasts, volcanoes and earthquakes, weather and climate and economic activities but also includes more contemporary topics on globalisation, environmental issues and fair trade.

I believe our students leave the Prep School with a solid foundation in Geography which not only enhances their chances of future success in examinations but equips them for life beyond the school gates.

Adam Brewer
I relish encouraging children to think analytically, justify their own ideas and opinions and understand different view points on an issue.

Adam Brewer, Head of Geography

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I believe our students leave the Prep school with a solid foundation in geography which not only enhances their chances of future success in examinations but equips them for life beyond the school gates.

Adam Brewer, Head of Geography, Eagle Section Leader, Teacher of History and Year 7 Personal Tutor

I relish working with children at the crucial stage when so many new ideas start popping and fizzing around the classroom. It's an extremely demanding but entirely rewarding way to spend my days!

Rachel Barrett, Reception Class Teacher

My ultimate goal is to nurture pupils so that when they leave Bede’s they are happy and healthy, confident and thoughtful, caring and respectful and - needless to say - creative and ambitious!

Annie Fuller, Head of Years 3 and 4, Head of PSHE and Falcon Section Leader

My passion for learning dates from my own primary school teacher! Since that point I have never stopped wanting to learn and to teach, having done so everywhere from Kent to Japan.

Simon Gisby, Teacher of Science and Physical Education and Year 5 Form Teacher