Latin and Greek

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Latin and Greek represent two of the most important influences on English and indeed European, language and culture.

This is why we at Bede's enthusiastically promote this fascinating subject, even though today's students, not at all unreasonably, may ask why they are learning Latin when it is no longer spoken. 

Latin provides the route of more words in English than any other source and one might at a stretch argue that French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are just Latin with a duff accent! 

Latin and Greek live on in inscriptions, mottoes, horticulture, medicine, the legal and political systems, religion and literature.

Furthermore, Latin has to be the most effective 'Brain Gym' around and classicists are known for their logic, literacy, discipline and attention to detail; skills that are as relevant now as they ever were.

Long gone are the days when children waded through dusty tomes of grammar and, whilst maintaining their academic rigour, we provide lessons that are lively, interesting and vibrant.

Pupils learn through interactive computer programs, art and drama, as much as through reciting verbs tenses and declensions.

We enable children of all abilities to build up their knowledge of how language works and to understand the influence the ancient world has had on so many spheres of life today.  

Little surprise then that our current pupils are motivated and enthused by the study of these classical languages and that several ex-pupils go on to study Latin and Greek at A Level and beyond. 

Sally Collins
My overriding hope is that I can foster a true passion for knowledge in my pupils.

Sally Collins, Deputy Head of Staffing, Head of Gifted and Talented and Head of Classics

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I always look to make learning as engaging and interesting as possible for pupils of all abilities and am delighted to see the thrill that children get when they learn something new.

Sally Collins, Director of Staffing, Head of Classics, Teacher of MFL and Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Bede's is a school where pupils enjoy unrivalled opportunities to pursue their passions - whatever their passions might be. For that reason alone, it is a very special place to go to school.

Janet Frame, Head of Year 7 and Teacher of English and Latin