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Children at Bede's Prep School experience the fun and the benefits of learning a foreign language from their first term in Reception until they leave the Prep School.

We know that teaching languages to young children improves their literacy levels, builds their self-confidence and broadens their cultural horizons as they develop the means to cross boundaries in the most fundamental way: by communicating with people from other parts of the world.

It is understood that language-learning at school can be challenging but children are adept communicators with a natural desire to socialize and, in the Modern Foreign Languages department, we see these challenges as exciting opportunities.

Authentic French games, stories and songs, supported by physical activities, engage our youngest pupils and, as they move up the school, they learn from dynamic courses designed to engage and stimulate them as they develop the tools and discipline to master more complex language.

In Year 7, children can opt to learn Spanish or to continue learning French, and both language groups are offered an immersion-style experience in the foreign country where they quickly become involved in the unselfconscious use of language.

These are experiences that give children the unsurpassable feeling of success and the love for learning language that stays with them forever.

That is the goal we work towards with all our language-learners at Bede's Prep.

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MFL staff

I relish teaching Languages to young children. Nothing can more effectively improve their literacy levels and lateral thinking skills while also broadening their horizons.

Marie Allirot, Head of French and Year 8 Personal Tutor

We can’t underestimate the importance of learning languages in today’s global world. In my opinion, learning a language opens your mind and gives you a different vision of life.

Regina Entwisle, Head of Spanish

I am passionate about helping pupils achieve their potential whilst developing a love for school and learning.

Amy Snelling, Meads End Houseparent and Teacher of French

I always look to make learning as engaging and interesting as possible for pupils of all abilities and am delighted to see the thrill that children get when they learn something new.

Sally Collins, Director of Staffing, Head of Classics, Teacher of MFL and Gifted and Talented Coordinator

A great deal of who I am comes from things I have learned outside of traditional classroom environments. Because of this, I am a firm believer in practical, skills-based education.

Giles Entwisle, Headmaster and Teacher of French and Spanish