Religious Studies

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What part does Religious Studies have to play in understanding our world?

The mission of our department is to help our students develop an awareness of and curiosity about the spiritual, moral and ethical life that exists around about them.

We aim to show the importance of such inward examination both individually and within society.

Alongside this, we aim to engender a knowledge and respect of others' beliefs and traditions, not only in children's immediate environment, but also in the wider global community.

We aim to increase children's understanding and development in three key areas:

• Knowledge and understanding of the major world religions; their beliefs, traditions and history. The scheme of work covers four major world religions in detail; Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

• The ability to question the moral and ethical dilemmas faced either individually, or collectively as a society. Whether it is attitudes towards forgiveness or humanity's impact upon the environment children are encouraged to form their own opinions on the major moral fault lines in our society today.

• Tolerance and respect of other beliefs and religious traditions. The teaching of Religious Studies at St Bede's aims to leave children with an appreciation of the sheer diversity of religious traditions and beliefs. Implicit in this is a respect for other cultures and traditions other than their own.

Sam Brown
I want my students to question and analyse what they learn, to develop their own ideas about the events studied and think about how the past influences our lives today.

Sam Brown, Head of History and Religious Studies and Year 6 Form Teacher

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Religious Studies staff

I believe in developing every aspect of a young person and in helping each individual to develop passions which are personal to them.

Sam Brown, Head of History and Religious Studies and Year 6 Form Teacher

I relish working with children at the crucial stage when so many new ideas start popping and fizzing around the classroom. It's an extremely demanding but entirely rewarding way to spend my days!

Rachel Barrett, Reception Class Teacher

My ultimate goal is to nurture pupils so that when they leave Bede’s they are happy and healthy, confident and thoughtful, caring and respectful and - needless to say - creative and ambitious!

Annie Fuller, Head of Years 3 and 4, Head of PSHE and Falcon Section Leader

My passion for learning dates from my own primary school teacher! Since that point I have never stopped wanting to learn and to teach, having done so everywhere from Kent to Japan.

Simon Gisby, Teacher of Science and Physical Education and Year 5 Form Teacher