Reception and Year 1

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As Head of Reception, my role encompasses 2 year groups; the children in their final Nursery year as well as those embarking on Reception.

This position enables me to get to know parents and children at the vital part of their learning journey and to establish a seamless transition for all concerned at this exciting part of their school life.

I hold regular information evenings throughout the year which cover a wide range of areas from the curriculum, from Literacy and Numeracy through to Welcome Evenings where the youngest families can come and meet me, see the Reception environment, discuss the Early Years curriculum in a relaxed and informal way.

I also spend weekly sessions with the children in their final Nursery year to offer them academic guidance and enhance their development, ensuring they are flourishing in the outstanding setting of Holywell Mount.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is the crucial starting point for our children. We provide them with experiences which are exciting and which they can actively explore with the support of the adults working with them.

The "Key Skills" we focus on are concerned with critical thinking - a necessary capacity in order that the children develop the skills they need for independent learning.

Our Foundation Stage children enjoy a wide variety of learning areas, including the Beach, the South Downs and our Outdoor Classroom, all of which enhance the skills they acquire within the classroom environment.

Elsewhere, we also organise termly trips, working with all year groups, which relate to our half-termly Creative Curriculum topics, and regularly welcome visitors to the school including theatre companies, pupils from the Senior School, scientists from Hurstmonceaux Planetarium and much more.

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