About the Creative Curriculum

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Since September 2012, Bede's Nursery and Pre-Prep classes have embraced a particular approach to delivering the curriculum.

This approach, known as the 'Creative Curriculum' is cross-curricular, topic based and has proved to be inspirational and invigorating for both staff and pupils.

The learning which takes place is deep and memorable and the skills are taught to promote lifelong learners who are able to apply the skills they will acquire throughout their schooling and adult lives.

These key skills are concerned with critical thinking to problem solve in order to develop the skills for independent life long learning.

Our rich learning environment is a key aspect to how we structure the curriculum, with classrooms transformed to suit new half-termly Topics and provide a 'Stunning Start' when children arrive on the first day of term.

During lesson time, following an introduction session to the whole class, the teacher will work with 2-3 pupils at a time on a task which had been chosen to specifically develop certain skills and work on individual targets.

The skills could be  in any subject of the curriculum, English, Maths, Science, Geography, History etc. The remainder of the pupils will be taught to self-select and make choices from activities around the classroom.

These activities will be challenges and questions carefully planned and proposed by the teacher to develop the key critical thinking skills.

They will be open ended tasks enabling every child, whatever their ability, to be motivated and challenged in an exciting way.

Over the course of the week there will be certain activities that the pupils must complete and others will be there for them to decide their own particular learning journey depending on personal interests.

In this way every pupil spends high quality guided time with their teacher which ensures all skills recognised as key in the developmental process (National Curriculum) are experienced by every pupil but with the addition of 'think-outside-the-box' skills, promoting motivational learning.

The rigour continues through the curriculum with an hour each day spent on key Maths and English skills as well as thorough teacher assessment over the course of the year.

Activities build up to a 'Marvellous Middle' which might be a special trip or visitor to the school and will conclude with a 'Fabulous Finish' involving celebrations of all the success and achievements over the term.

Parental involvement in our Creative Curriculum is promoted and encouraged through 'take home' tasks that encourage discussion about areas of the curriculum that are important and inspire the child.

Lastly, parent help on Friday afternoons is very welcome to help us share with you the excitement of this approach and the sense of curiosity and wonder shown in our pupils.

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