Academic Rigour

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The goal of our school is to create life-long learners, and the academic rigour and syllabus structure of the education we supply in the Pre-Prep years facilitates this at every step.

We help children to create their own meaning out of what they learn, organising information so pupils can be uninhibited in their enthusiasm and free to ask challenging questions.

Through the Creative Curriculum, our pupils integrate the individual skills we identify in them, honing their newfound processes and applying them to new, novel situations which we facilitate.

Lessons are structured to deliver equally for children with all learning styles and levels of ability, and the results of our work are plain to see.

When our pupils finish the Pre-Prep stage of their education, they are consistently ahead of the curve compared to their peers at other school, but this is just one facet of our nationally recognised, outstanding provision.

Moreover, it is a matter of personal pride to every one of our expert teachers.

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