Independent Learning

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At Bede's Pre-Prep, we believe that children should be confident, capable and curious, and our Creative Curriculum is custom-crafted to ensure that we imbue children with skills more than simply granting them knowledge.

Throughout the Pre-Prep and Nursery we are keen to promote child initiated learning, so days are structured to include the idea of building independence and responsibility in each child.

This philosophy, which starts in the Baby Unit with Schema learning, is built on in the Nursery, with Child Initiated activities, culminating in the Pre-Prep where, although teacher input is far more rigorous, we still strongly believe in enabling children to take responsibility for their own learning.

We do this by valuing self and peer assessment, encouraging pupils to judge for themselves what they have done right and how they might improve, while also helping them to appreciate the efforts of others in the pursuit of excellence.

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