Literacy and Numeracy

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Building on the foundations laid down in the Nursery through work with Sounds and Shapes, Literacy and Numeracy come into sharper focus at Bede's Pre-Prep.

Ours is a skills-based, investigative curriculum designed to help pupils achieve an array of critical thinking and problem solving tasks grounded in literacy and numeracy.

Most importantly, through our work in the Creative Curriculum, we ensure that the tasks we set are personal to them.

Invariably our pupils want to push themselves and achieve greater, more challenging things. For this reason our expert teachers and teaching assistants work with children in small groups, closely observing the progress they are making with numbers and words.

Extension activities are built into every session as standard, and activities are tailored to facilitate learning at every step.

We challenge the children as much as we can, which helps guarantee that not only are they exceeding expectations in regards to their developmental targets and levels, but also that they are increasingly socially and academically aware.

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