About "Activities"

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Activities run after the school day and are optional.




Monday  3-8 4.20-5.20pm
Tuesday 3-8 4.40-5.20pm
Wednesday 3-8 2.00-4.00pm
Thursday 3-8 4.20-5.20pm


Junior Years and Senior Years pupils all have an opportunity to sample a range of After-School Activities and these run termly.

Activities include Chess, Cricket, Art, Rocket Club, Computer Programming, Ballet, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Photography, Cookery, Rock Band, Triathlon Training and the Drama Masterclass, although this is just a small selection of what is on offer.

Children sign up termly for Activities of their choice. At the start of each new term we aim to add new or seasonal activities and we liaise closely with the children as to what they would like.

For the Senior Years (Years 6-8) the Activities Programme also includes supper.

The atmosphere is very relaxed during Activities and the children are actively encouraged to take a proactive role in the running of these sessions.

The majority of the Activities are cost free and there is only an extra charge on a few activities, such as Riding, where we have had to use external sources.

Peter Meier
As an Old Bedian myself, I'm extraordinarily proud of the commitment shown by the children at the Prep School. A true community spirit shines through!

Peter Meier, Co-Curricular Coordinator, Head of Year 8 and Teacher of Computing