Programme Overview

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The Activities Programme at Bede's Prep School is varied and inclusive, designed to offer something for every child.

What these opportunities do, is allow the children to develop their 'soft skills'. Soft skills aren't easily taught in a traditional classroom environment as they relate to our personality. They are how we work with others, dealing with new challenges, time management, communication skills, flexibility and confidence.

As the children have the flexibility to choose which Activities they wish to do, this lends itself far more easily for them to learn and improve on their soft skills in an environment, which they have chosen to participate in.

We also encourage them to take a far more active part, often expecting them to lead and make collective decisions about what is covered, it is also one of the few opportunities where the children work with peers from other year groups.

Peter Meier
As an Old Bedian myself, I'm extraordinarily proud of the commitment shown by the children at the Prep School. A true community spirit shines through!

Peter Meier, Co-Curricular Coordinator, Head of Year 8 and Teacher of Computing

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