Ceramics Club

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Formed as a new Club at Bede's Prep School in Autumn Term 2014 by new Head of Art Mrs Armitage, Ceramics Club takes place at the Fishing Flint Cottage, a listed building, on Mondays and Tuesdays during Options time.

The club welcomes pupils from Years 6-8, irrespective of artistic ability or experience, with a range of both day pupils and boarders involved.

During this first term, students have been learning how to make underworld creatures, how to join clay, press in texture and sculpt their imaginative animals.

Elsewhere, pupils have also created textured bowls, Christmas decorations to hang on their Christmas trees and a range of useful presents for the families.

Students who join Ceramics Clubs learn about joining clay, basic construction rules and firing processes as well as improving their coordination skills.

Moreover, they experience what it means to make something from a primary resource and follow that process through to the end product.

Rachel Armitage
I get huge satisfaction from inspiring students to think outside the box, break boundaries and work spontaneously, to their strengths, before refining their ideas.

Rachel Armitage, Head of Art

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