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LAMDA is the largest Speech and Drama Board in the U.K. and has a reputation for excellence worldwide.

The London Academy of  Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1861, it quickly established  itself as a centre of excellence in performance training, providing the worlds of theatre, film and television with generation upon generation of first-class actors and expertly-trained stage managers across the world.

LAMDA began offering speech examinations to the public in the 1880s. Since then, schools like Bede's Prep School have helped LAMDA to refine and develop these examinations into a comprehensive system of performance evaluation by experts in education, acting  and communication.

LAMDA training at Bede's Prep School is a wonderful way for pupils to build confidence, improve their acting and communication skills, and prepare students for their individual exams.

To take part, pupils don't have to be great actors or musicians - they simply need to have an interest in the theatre, be it performing or even behind the scenes.

Gail Brundle
I am passionate about my subject and endeavour to instill that same passion in the children in my care – I want them all to be confident and receptive in discussion, creative and persuasive in writing, responsive and critical in literary analysis, and sensitive and assured on stage.

Gail Brundle, Head of English and Drama

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