Origami Club

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Founded in September 2016, Origami Club started at Bede's Prep after the children took part in the 2016 UK Mathematics Trust National Final.

The challenge saw the pupils investigating Haga’s Theorem of Folding - something I knew a little about but which sent me down a new avenue of learning: Japanese paper-folding!

Since the club started, the children have been engaging with increasingly complicated origami design work, starting small but becoming ever-more ambitious.

Despite some of the old hands in the current group being able to fold fairly advanced designs, the club is very welcoming to new members including total beginners.

Scott Fasciolo-Barnes
I am driven by a desire to see every young person not only fluent in the language of Maths but convinced of its fun, inspirational power too.

Scott Fasciolo-Barnes, Head of Mathematics

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