Chess Club


Chess is known as a noble game - "a game of kings".

Learning to play chess, especially with our chess specialist, helps to develop thinking skills and dramatically improves a pupil's ability to think rationally.

To play chess well you have to develop patience and thoughtfulness. It helps Bede's pupils to learn, improves their communication skills and develops their aptitude for recognizing patterns.

Pupils have to be focused, learning the benefits of careful observation and concentration.

Ultimately though, as players learn to move your pieces around the board, Chess is a great way of making new friends.

Anyone can play, and as pupils improve and begin to play in competitions it gives them a great sense of accomplishment.

Janet Frame
Bede's is a school where pupils enjoy unrivalled opportunities to pursue their passions - whatever their passions might be. For that reason alone, it is a very special place to go to school.

Janet Frame, Head of Year 7 and Teacher of History