Juggling Club

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Juggling Club came about at Bede's Prep School as juggling is a personal passion of mine.

The mental aspects of juggling are one of its many positives, in that learning to do many things at once, concentrating to a point at which a person is acting only on instinct, and entering into an almost meditative state are all challenges for the mind as much as the hands.

These skills are applicable to wider life in ways that juggling beanbags or clubs might not be - although nothing kicks off a business meeting or first date quite like a quick juggle!

Additionally, developing the expertise to juggle well is a little lesson in life. While almost anyone can do it, it nontheless requires intense hard work and can lead - in due course - to feelings of mastery, relaxation and a definite sense of satisfaction.

Most importantly, it's also jolly good fun - so come along and give it a go!

Giles Entwisle
A great deal of who I am comes from things I have learned outside of traditional classroom environments. Because of this, I am a firm believer in practical, skills-based education.

Giles Entwisle, Headmaster

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