Street Dance

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Many people think that Street Dance is a very new form of dance, but it really dates back to the 1920's. That said, it really started to flourish in the 1970s, especially across the United States.

Young people everywhere took to this new way of dancing that included styles such as breaking, popping, locking, gliding, ticking, vibrating and krumping.

As funk began to change, unique forms of hip hop dance started to develop. Early on dance competitions started on the sidewalks of the US and today have developed into battles. Dancers would form crews and although these battles were competitive, they ended up bring people together.

Street Dance is very exciting, as a routine doesn't have to strictly follow any specific styles or street dance moves.

The Street Dance activity at Bede's Prep enables its members to create their own moves and styles through innovation and creativity.

We use many genres and influences including elements of every dance known to man, however almost all Street Dance is strong, sharp, and has a lot of flair - it therefore helps if you are that sort of personality when you join!

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