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Everyone at Bede's Prep School school takes part in athletics as it is one of the few sports where a child can be an individual as well as a member of a team.

All the technical aspects of Athletics, including running, jumping and throwing are covered in PE lessons and keen athletes can further hone their skills by attending our Athletics Club after school.

The season starts with a match, which we host, at Eastbourne Sports Park. We compete against St Andrew's and Brighton College. All age groups are involved in this event which consists mainly of track events as it is early in the season.

The Year 8 and Year 6 then have a chance to compete at Lewes in a match organised by Cumnor House. In this meeting we compete against five other schools in all events.

The Regional meetings take place in mid-June when the younger age groups go to Hurst where, in 2015, we produced Regional champions in the Boys' 200m and the 4 x 100m Relay and several other athletes gained medals.

Our Year 6, 7 and 8 athletes then have the opportunity to compete at the K2 stadium at Crawley and if they come first or second they qualify to represent Sussex at the Nationals in Birmingham.

We normally end up with a dozen or so Regional Winners and have produced several National Champions over the years; indeed, we currently hold the National Record for the U13 boys 4 x 100m Relay.

The season then culminates at Sports Day, which is held at Bede's Senior School.  Everyone takes part in two events and the Inter-Section relays.

It is always a great day, and there are even races for any young visitors and/or parents!

Chris Atherton
It is the pupils that make my job so enjoyable. Every day they make me smile and it is only fair that I give them all I can in return.

Chris Atherton, Head of Physical Education, Head of Rugby and Head of Athletics

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