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Football has always been my passion and I am honoured to lead the development of football here at Bede's Prep School.

My philosophy about the 'beautiful game' is that it should be played in the correct style and I feel it is my role to concentrate on developing players for the future without worrying too much about results!

That's not say, however, that we are not interested in winning.

When it comes to a tournament or cup competition, Bede's footballers always strive to win. However, during our 'friendly matches' against other Prep Schools we are more rewarded by a wonderful team performance than the actual final score line.

When coaching I give the players as much time as possible to develop their technique and pack the two hours we have per week with many conditioned games.

Fraser Allan
I have a number of responsibilities at the Prep School, but in all I do I work to make everything as accessible and fun as possible, as I am convinced that increased confidence results in improved attainment.

Fraser Allan, Head of Years 5 and 6, Head of Football and Teacher of Mathematics

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