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Our Hockey ethos is simple - enjoyment and progression.

Our mission is to furnish players with the knowledge of individual techniques and decision-making to enhance their opportunity to play with distinction.  We aim to ensure that our sessions create a positive hockey experience.  Technique is vital.  It is imperative that we coach our players the correct techniques, in order to play and to progress to the highest standards.  Our coaching principles are to reinforce the basic skills of hockey to establish a sound basic technique on which to progress, to unit and team skills.

We work on the individuals' skills set.  We work on the squads' skills set.

We work on the following concepts: Unopposed, Conditioned defence, Fully-opposed, and Small-sided conditioned games.  Our sessions will finish with a period of uninterrupted free-play to stimulate competition, improve the specific physical condition of the players, maintain motivation, encourage transfer to match conditions.

Our juniors are very fortunate to be coached hockey in the Sports Hall.  This is a fantastic environment to learn in - warm, bright, flat surface, large space, all factors that help our most junior players and beginners.  This outstanding facility is a superb venue to learn to play hockey in - the surface is quick, and the side walls are also excellent rebound walls.  We also play at The Senior School and at The Saffrons, on Astros.

We play against other prep schools in the area, Eastbourne Hockey Club, and the IAPS tournaments, the national Yazhoo competitions, and numerous other hockey tournaments.  Our hockey programme starts from Reception - Year 8, and runs through The Senior School.

Our mission is to encourage, progress and support all our players to achieve the highest standards possible.

Petch Lenham
I am motivated not only by an infectious love of sport but also by a desire to see as many children as possible physically and mentally empowered.

Petch Lenham, Head of Prep School Hockey and Cricket and Head of Senior Girls' Cricket

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