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The emphasis of Netball sessions at Bede's Prep School is learning new skills, improving on old ones and having fun playing with friends.

As it is such a fast paced sport and there are only 7 players to a team, pupils are active for the whole of the game. Players jump, twist, turn, dodge and run for short sprints and have to perform hard stops.

Netball is also a non-contact sport, so although while they are learning pupils may occasionally bump into each other, as a rule Netball is a very friendly - if competitive - game.

The benefits of playing Netball are numerous. It is a great cardiovascular activity, it improves upper body strength, especially arms, and it also develops hand-eye coordination.

Netball players at Bede's learn to work effectively as part of a team and make friends.

No wonder it is the fastest growing sport in the UK!

Sharon Muxworthy
Helping and encouraging young people to be ambitious, confident and aspirational enables them to acquire life skills that will grant them much success.

Sharon Muxworthy, Prep School Head of Games, Head of Girls' Football and Teacher of Physical Education.

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