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It may seem strange to run an activity in which the pupils appear to be simply ‘playing a videogame’, but we at Bede’s Prep use the customised educational version of the block building game Minecraft which has many features designed especially for classroom use.

More than just a survival game where children have to avoid being caught, the educational version turns off enemies such as ‘zombies’ and ‘creepers’ by default so that the focus is on creativity and teamwork within the virtual environment.

Participants in the activity sessions begin by exploring the basic building tools within the game where, unlike their playing experience at home, a coordinated approach to the in-game challenges is the key to success and educational objectives are set which otherwise ‘lock’ in-game content.

Some of our pupils have considerable expertise with the game, and it is wonderful to see the support they offer their ‘newbie’ peers.

With every session preceded by a discussion regarding behavioural expectations when in the virtual world and Minecraft now seeping out into the wider curriculum, we have recently used the software to explore ratio in maths, community planning, science and much more besides!

Peter Barclay
I am passionate about teaching children not only how to understanding the magic of computing but also in empowering them to make the most of a future in which technology will be ubiquitous.

Peter Barclay, Head of Computing, Teacher of Maths and Year 6 Form Teacher

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