Science Club

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Science Club is a fantastic opportunity for learners of all abilities to explore aspects of Science that are not always possible within the constraints of a normal school timetable.

On the one hand these topics stretch and challenge Gifted and Talented learners while on the other they motivate and appeal to the interests of those students who might be struggling in Science.

In general Science Club motivates and encourages learners of all ages and abilities. Science, like History, is everywhere. It underpins our understanding of nature, photography, sport, the weather, cookery, magic tricks, outer space and much more besides!

There is no shortage of engaging and enjoyable Science-related activities that can be devised and organised quite easily.

Hands-on experiments such as making ice-cream without a freezer, designing and building circuit boards, sacrificing jelly babies in the pursuit of Science, performing thermite reactions, getting liquids to glow in the dark and more.

These experiments develop members' creativity, problem-solving abilities, dexterity and team-working skills.

In addition, the process of discovery at first hand builds student understanding and appreciation of how the physical world works.

Plus, occasionally just making a whopping great mess in the name of Science can be great fun too!

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