MFL: Year 8 Spanish Trip 2012


Year 8 pupils at the Prep School who study Spanish had an unforgettable language immersion experience recently.

BirdThe pupils spent 5 days in a seaside town in Northern Spain where they followed an exciting programme of study and activities.

This included interacting in sport and academic pursuits with some of the schoolchildren of Comillas, sightseeing, eating in local restaurants, meeting an elephant keeper and Cristina (a 5 year-old elephant who stole our hearts).

Pupils also took part in a bird of prey display, a treasure hunt that involved talking to shopkeepers in the town and, perhaps the highlight of the trip, 9 hours of intensive Spanish lessons at the Fundación Comillas, a beautiful, ancient building set on the hilltop behind the town.

RunningThis is a centre of excellence dedicated to the promoting and specialized teaching of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture and the children's confidence soared as they worked at learning new vocabulary and language structures.

Heading up the trip in Spain was Señor José Antonio Herrera, whose company, Links into Spanish, is aimed at maximising opportunities to learn authentic Spanish in an immersion setting.

Bede's Prep School can certainly testify to the success of those objectives and José's lively, warm approach has inspired the Prep School children with a love of all things Spanish that will last for a very long time to come.

Louise Galletly

Head of MFL and EAL