MFL: Years 3-5 Enjoy Some French Theatre


Pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 from Bede's Prep were recently treated to a performances of Les adventures de Lapin by TSF (Theatre Sans Frontières).

TSF is an award-winning touring theatre company which uses international artists who perform plays in French making them visual and accessible through the use of puppetry, mime, shadow play, clowning, live music and video.

Les aventures de Lapin tells the story of Lapin, Eléphant, Tigre and Cheval who are all competing against each other in duels in order to marry the charming Mademoiselle Christelle.

Pupils were introduced to a variety of vocabulary related to animals and fruit in their lessons building up to the performance. They also rehearsed four songs in preparation which enabled them to take part on the actual day.

The performance was valuable and an enriching experience enjoyed by all and I am sure that many will remember the spectacular appearance of Zobolak the zombie for many years to come!

Lionel Pianet

Modern Foreign Languages