English: Book Week 2012


WinnersIn October, as always, Bede's Book Week began! This ever-popular extravaganza of literary delights caused a buzz of excitement throughout the Prep School. This year, Book Week revolved around the theme of Incredible Journeys and there were myriad competitions, the popular Treasure Hunt and the colourful Book Character Fashion Show, along with visits from inspirational authors and illustrators.

Steven Butler, an award-winning children's author and actor, gave a series of lively workshops to children in Years 3 and 4, based on his humorous 'Wrong Pong' series. Years 5 & 6 were treated to a hands-on workshop with the talented Manga artist, Anna Fitzpatrick, and it was wonderful to see so many budding cartoonists develop their skills. Years 7 & 8 had the treat of listening to an outstanding presentation by the dynamic and motivational author, Marcus Alexander, and even hard-to-please teachers commented that it was one of the most inspiring talks they had heard in a very long time!

GirlsThe Treasure Hunt proved to be both very popular and very difficult this year and children searched for days in every conceivable nook and cranny for the hidden Passport, Train Ticket and Luggage Label, in keeping with our Incredible Journeys theme. After many arduous hours, and with the eventual helping hand of a few cryptic clues, the Passport was found by David Macario-Jones, the Train Ticket by Ben Peppard, and the Luggage Label by Will Griffiths - all Year 7 boys!

Lots of quizzes and small competitions, again linked to the Week's theme, ran all week in the Library and many children were awarded prizes for their hard work, but the big, 5-day competition - a very difficult literary challenge - was eventually won by just one determined young man: Kieran Cheney from Year 8. He will enjoy a spending spree in Waterstone's Book Store, followed by a limousine ride and a slap-up meal with a friend in an Italian Restaurant.  

As always, it was a wonderful week and, above all, reignited many children's love of literature, and long may it continue! Keep reading, everyone!

Gail Brundle

Head of English and Drama