Music: Years 6, 7 & 8 Concert Reviews 2012


Year 8

The Year 8 concert saw a mixture of instruments and styles of music. 

We reminisced as the orchestra performed Hello by Lionel Richie and the theatre rocked as the band played a song that they had made up. 

The individual performances were of a high standard and the programme varied.

Notably, Laurence's performance of Dvorak's Scherzo was excellent.

Year 7

BandI was amazed at the enthusiasm of this musically talented year group. 

The band (Jacob, Matthew and Craig) performed a song which they have written themselves and this was a real hit with the audience. 

Among the large number of soloists were violin, piano, voice, guitar and electric guitar. 

Matthew played Vals brilliantly on the guitar and went on to get a merit in his Trinity grade exam.


Year 6

SingingThis was a great showcase of pupils wanting to get together and rehearse a piece or song purely for the concert. 

Several children performed the 12 bar blues which they had been working on in lessons as part of the Jazz module, and it was lovely to see this level of enthusiasm. 

The performance which stood out was a group of boys who got together and sang Payphone with a terrific sense of enjoyment.

Colin Hughes

Director of Music